The Uetliberg offers not only a spectacular view, but also two official bike trails: the Triemli and Höckler. Although they don’t offer any jumps or crazy drops, you can still have quite a bit of fun and they’re perfect for a quick after work ride.

In recent years there have repeatedly been disputes between walkers and bikers, and the city of Zurich as the owner on the Uetliberg. Consequently, Zurich has decided to build two official bike trails. The construction of illegal routes is to be prevented, relaxation areas for the wild are to remain and walkers are spared from heart attacks during their walk.

This works quite well so far, even if the bike trails on the Uetliberg as rather tame. On the one hand, they’re not super exciting. On the other hand, there are few cities that have two official bike trails with such a high fun factor.


Antenna Trail (Triemli) and Höckler Trail

Zurich’s local mountain offers plenty for cyclists and other recreation seekers. Therefore, it is particularly important to adhere to the rules and to drive only on designated trails for bikers.

 Bike Trails

Bike Trail Triemli / antenna Trail: The larger of the two bike trails on the Uetliberg is officially called ” Bike Trail Triemli “, but often called the “Antenna Trail” and is a mountain bike trail. It was built by the city, opened in the early summer of 2005 and has since expanded steadily. The start is located just below the antenna at the barbecue area on the Uetliberg. the finish is a little above the Triemli SZU station. the change in altitude is about 350 meters, the track length is 3.5 km and the narrowest path is only 30 to 60 cm wide. Travel time is about 11 minutes down and half an hour up (depending on the weight of the bike and fitness level of the cyclist ). With an average gradient of 10%, it is very steep at times. This requires dexterity and good control of the bike.

Bike Trail Höckler: The single trail on Höckler has it all. The narrow path is usually only 30 to 60 cm wide, 500 m long and at times very steep. Courage, skill and a good command of the bike are needed to handle this track.

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