Paragliding only half an hour away from the city center: at the Uetliberg you can fly in the low to moderate Bise (NE wind). Since this launching site is very small and surrounded by trees, a skillful reverse launch technique is recommended. After starting, an active flying style is necessary.

The region around the Uetliberg is a beautiful Bise flying area at the door of Zurich and sometimes beyond. The flight school Skyjam Zurich Paragliding supervises the start area and landing field in Zurich-Leimbach in collaboration with the landowners. Together, the promotion of flying at Zurich’s local mountain is set as the destination and the best possible care of all pilots is supervised.

Fly over Zurich

The Uetliberg is an attractive paragliding flight area for beginners and professionals

On the Uetliberg, you fly best with ridge lift wind. Elsewhere, more thermal lift comes into play. The starting place is in Leimbach on the Albis ridge. The glider pilots have a deal with the land owner. There is also a box in which the pilot must leave five-franc as an entry fee. Below the start slope in Leimbach is also one of the two main landing sites. The Allmend is the second important place. There is a launch pad at UTO KULM, but only for experienced paragliders and hang gliders. Paragliders can land pretty much anywhere – as long as landowner agrees. The city of Zurich places no restrictions. on the right side of the lake and Limmat flying is not allowed because this is basically part of the airport. It is also not allowed to land at the nearby Hausen airfield in the Albis alps.

On the website, the Uetliberg is extensively described and all risks and potential dangers are pointed out. Read for yourself!

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