Go sledding on the Uetliberg

The city of Zurich cares for the provision and maintenance of the sledding run at Zurich’s local mountain.

But beware: The track has it all. Families with young children would preferably do Ringlikon sledding. The sled phone gives you information about the state of the toboggan: Phone 044 412 14 71

Night sledding: The ultimate kick

Equipped with only a flashlight, whiz down the 3.1-km long Uetliberg slope.

At night, the excitement is highest: If during the day and weekends are like a traffic jam on the sledge run from Uetliberg to Triemli, the night run is guaranteed fun. With headlamps, flashlights or just plain smart phones, mounted on the sleds and toboggans, you’ll slide down the groomed path. Between the mountain station and the end point, there is approximately a 330 meter drop in altitude. The city of Zurich mills and monitors the road daily. Information about the path: 044 412 14 71


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